About Us

Belief Statements:

1. All students can be successful academically and gain personal and social responsibility while at New Prospect School.

2. Students individual learning styles can be met through a variety of instructional strategies.

3. A clean, safe school enhances a positive learning environment.

4. All students can improve decision-making with enhanced higher order thinking skills.

5. Students' and parents' understanding and support of board policy and classroom expectations will promote student independence and responsibility.

6. Data from all assessments should provide guidance in instructional planning that will lead to student success.


The vision of New Prospect School is to nurture the pathways to success for our students, guiding them to the highest levels of achievement.

New Prospect Elementary School

4520 Pulaski Highway

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

Phone: 931-762-2934

Fax: 931-762-3820